Ioannis Dimitriadis is a political scientist specializing in international politics and international affairs and holds a bachelor’s degree in “International and European Studies” from Panteion University. After graduating, he completed his postgraduate studies in the field of “International Relations and Strategic Studies”, receiving his master’s degree with distinction and a scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation, while he was subsequently declared a PhD candidate at the same University in the field of “Strategic Analysis and Rhetorical Art”.

In 2010 he was a candidate for mayor of Poros, and from 2011 to 2014 he was the leader of the minor party of the municipality. Since September 2014 to date, he has been Mayor of Poros, after being elected with 56% of the vote in May 2014 and re- elected with 58% in May 2019.

His engagement with public affairs is accompanied by a strong commitment to protecting the environment, as since 2007 he has initiated actions at local and national level, such as the “Initiative for the Protection of the Marine Environment of Poros”, the Association “Initiative – Poros”, the Association of “Citizens and Consumers of Poros”, the “Hellenic Coordinating Committee of Bodies in areas affected by the Development of Aquaculture”, the “Marine Environment Cooperation Network” and the “Blue Municipalities Network”. He is also specialized in Civil Protection issues, and in 2022 he received a certificate of attendance of the Risk & Crisis Management Training Program of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

He was born in 1978; he is married to Elsa Vrana and has three children. He lives in Neorio Poros.

Ioannis Dimitriadis
Mayor of Poros

Postal address: Karamanou Square, Town Hall, Poros 18020
Tel.: 22983 20512, 22980 26056
Facebook: Γιάννης Δημητριάδης