The island of Poros is located on the southeastern edge of the Saronic Gulf near the Peloponnese, it covers an area of 23 sq. km. and consists of two smaller islands, Sferia (capital - port) and Kalavria, which are connected by a small canal. The population of the municipality according to the 2011 census amounts to 3.993 inhabitants and its area is approximately 49 sq. km., as its territory, apart from the island of Poros, includes a part of 26 sq. km. in the Peloponnese, from the end of the city of Galata to the coast opposite the island of Hydra. The enclosed port between the island of Poros and the mountains of Troizinia gives the place a peaceful, calm tone, as George Seferis said, the poet who wrote 'Kichli', one of the most important poems in modern Greek literature, at Villa Galini in Poros. This port is the largest and safest port in the Saronic Gulf and one of the largest and safest natural ports throughout Greece, with a huge capacity of passing vessels and arrivals exceeding 10.000 per year.

The distance of the island from Piraeus is 29 nautical miles and communication through flying dolphins (1 hour) and conventional ships (2,5 hours) is daily. Also, another quick and affordable way of access to the island is by car (2 hours), as Galata is located just 150 km from Athens (National Road Athens - Korinthos, right after the Isthmos exit to Epidaurus, exit to Old Epidaurus and then to Poros - Galata) and from Galata there is a transportation to the island of Poros every half an hour. The increase in arrivals by car in recent years has led the Municipality to take actions in order to reduce the number of vehicles in the centre of Poros and promote other means of transport, such as traditional boats and municipal transport.

Poros, both on its island and mainland part, is distinguished by its idyllic beaches and, especially as far as the island is concerned, by its dense piny vegetation. Water sports, sailing, canoeing, fishing, diving and water skiing are the main activities that visitors and locals can enjoy, while in its pine-covered mountains there are old paths perfect for hiking and cycling. The traditional settlement of Poros, built amphitheatrically on the hill of Sferia, with its historic Clock Tower, cobbled streets and neoclassical mansions along the coastal road, offers a beautiful picture of traditional Greek architecture, while the lively waterfront is ideal for afternoon walks.

The Russian Naval Base, the Temple of Poseidon, the Monastery of Panagia Zoodochos Pigi, the Clock Tower, the Archaeological Museum, the Municipal Library as well as the Shell Exhibition located in the same building, are some of the many attractions of the island. Furthermore, the Municipality of Poros, particularly in recent years, organises significant cultural events throughout the summer (Poros Arts Festival, “Bordering Modern Greece”, etc.), but in the winter as well (“Christmas Neighbourhood”, Carnival Events, etc.), while Easter is of great importance in Poros, with customs such as the gathering of Epitaphios in the port, the floating procession through the canal, etc. The direct access to the Peloponnese expands the visitor's options: apart from the areas of the Municipality’s territory, such as the famous Lemon Forest (Lemonodasos), also in less than half an hour away are the antiquities of Troizina, the Devil Bridge (Diavologefyro), the volcano and the picturesque villages of Methana, the wetland of Psifta, etc. Additionally, at a distance of about an hour from Poros are the famous archaeological sites of Argolida, such as Mycenae and the Theatre of Epidaurus, a fact that makes Poros, along with its variety in accommodation and dining options, an ideal destination not only for summer holidays, but also for winter getaways.